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I started a bootcamp last summer through a well respected University, but I didn't learn half as much from them





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To accelerate your learning journey & transition into the field

I created DATA SCIENCE INFINITY to help aspiring Data Scientists like you, get ahead of the pack.


I am dedicated to helping you become a great Data Scientist, and to land an amazing role in this exciting & future-proof field!


I'm Andrew

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I've spent over 13 years in Data Science at companies including Amazon & more recently Sony PlayStation where I developed and prototyped Machine Learning based features for the PlayStation 5, several of which have been patented by Sony.

I've interviewed & screened hundreds of Data Science candidates, and through this process have learned what can differentiate a stand out & successful candidate from the rest.

I am the author of The Essential A.I. & Data Science Handbook for Recruitment​ which is available on Amazon.

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to mentor fellow Data Scientists; from their entry into the field, to developing their technical & non-technical skill-sets, as well as providing guidance around preparing for, and being successful with promotions and interviews.

I'd love you to be part of the DATA SCIENCE INFINITY community so I can help you move successfully into this exciting industry, and support you as you develop into an incredible Data Scientist!

I'm dedicated to ensuring that your Data Science journey is a long-lasting, fruitful, enjoyable, and positive experience.

I love talking Data Science with my network of over 22k on LinkedIn - so let's connect - and feel free to let me know any questions you have!

Andrew Jones


DATA SCIENCE INFINITY currently contains 221 meticulously created tutorials across 9 modules, and more will be added over time to ensure that students continue to grow and evolve their skillset.  

You will have lifetime access to them all!

The current tutorial count!

hear my thoughts about what is required for data science!

01 - foundations for success

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Let's go!

In this first section, we get you set up with everything you need.


We discuss what makes a GREAT Data Scientist - and to ensure that we're all starting on the right foot we take a good hard look at self-confidence and imposter syndrome!

02 - coding: sql + Python

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Coding is a big part of Data Science, and SQL & Python are the two most commonly listed programming languages listed on job descriptions - so they are essential to know.


For SQL - you will connect to the DATA SCIENCE INFINITY database hosted in the cloud on AWS - and together we'll learn the key concepts with a focus on discovering insights from data, and adding business value.


For Python, you will learn concepts from based Python, as well as the popular packages Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib.  We learn, and then we apply these learnings in unique and interesting ways. 


We create a number guessing game, we write code to find all prime numbers between one and one million in a fraction of a second, we split an image into it's 3 colour components, and more. 


Learning with mini-projects helps you understand the concepts and makes learning a lot more enjoyable!


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You'll often hear about all the math you need to know to become a Data Scientist.


Don't be scared away by this...  Yes, you do need to know some math, but you don't need to spend a year reading text books before you're allowed to progress.

Quite the opposite...

Here we imagine being sportswear company Nike, as well as a head basketball coach in the NBA, and we learn the key statistical concepts you need to know for Data Science with a focus of intuition & application rather than just formulas!

04 - intro to key data science tools

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Let's understand, and get hands-on with the key tools that Data Science teams are using today - including tools such as Github & Jupyter Notebooks

05 - let's meet our client...

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For each concept or algorithm that we learn about in the course, we get a request from our mock client ABC Grocery 


They have provided us access to a sample of their data, and we'll be using this to showcase the value of Data Science & Machine Learning in a project based manner.

We learn how we might solve each task - and then we get our hands dirty and take on the challenge!

The tasks we complete can also be taken further and mean you can compile a really interesting portfolio of projects covering:


  • AB Testing

  • Regression

  • Classification

  • Clustering

  • PCA

  • Causal Impact Analysis

  • Association Rule Mining

06 - a/b testing

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Here we introduce the very important and common concept of A/B Testing and we discuss our task from our client ABC Grocery.

We then code up the appropriate statistical method to assess the impact of the test, and we follow that by creating code templates for several other key hypothesis tests that will come in extremely handy during your career as a Data Scientist!

07 - machine learning

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Let's discuss what Machine Learning is, and where it is being utilised in today's world.

We look at the different types of Machine Learning, and we get you familiar with scikit-learn the most popular Machine Learning library in Python

data preparation & cleaning

Machine Learning models need the right data, in the right format...otherwise the results can be underwhelming & unexpected!  


Let's discuss all of this in detail, and create some code templates together so you'll always have the right code available for your career in Data Science!

intuition & application

We cover the key algorithms required to ensure you can take on virtually any business problem.  


For each algorithm we follow the same process:


  1. We start with a high level theoretical introduction - so you know what you're dealing with!

  2. We jump into Python and code up a basic template - so you can push some buttons and turn some dials.

  3. We cover the advanced theory - to ensure you know what is going on under the hood.

  4. We head back into Python to apply our learnings - and take on our challenge from ABC Grocery!

deployment to a live website

A hot topic in the world of Data Science is the deployment of our ML models.  


We run through the theory around what this all means, and what needs to be considered.  


From there, we will deploy one of our ML models onto a live website using Flask & Heroku!

08 - the art of turning business problems into data science solutions

Website Video Image 010 - Framing

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This is a skill that separates great Data Scientists from the rest - in other words, a Data Science candidate that gets hired or promoted, or one that gets passed by - so this is important.  


Here I share my framework of 13 key questions you need answers to prior to, and during any Data Science project.

09 - From Learning to Earning: A Framework for Success!

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I've interviewed & screened hundreds of Data Science candidates at companies including Amazon & Sony.


I will show you:


  • How to create a stand-out Resume that will appeal to both recruiters & hiring managers.

  • How to build up a portfolio of projects that showcases the value you can add.

  • How to go into Data Science interviews with confidence, covering:

    • Building rapport with your interviewer​

    • Effectively answering questions you don't know the answer to

    • Effectively answering questions about mistakes you've made in the past

    • Tips for take-home assignments

    • Tips for coding tests

    • Questions to ask (and not ask) your interviewer

    • How to deal with rejections

Let me share my knowledge with you, and help you get interviews for the roles you want!

...and coming soon in 2021

Even more incredible content is coming to DATA SCIENCE INFINITY in 2021! 


As a member you will gain access to all current and future content.

Currently in the works is an entire section covering everything you need to know about Deep Learning plus some amazing hands-on projects for you to undertake and add to your portfolio.  


This is very exciting - and joining the programme now will mean you're in the perfect position to make the most of this new content when it's released!

All the content plus the option of dedicated support, guidance, and direction for any part of your Data Science journey...

What Students Say...

I started a bootcamp last summer through a well respected University, but I didn't learn half as much from them


the options...

There are two DATA SCIENCE INFINITY tiers available, depending on your requirements & goals.

premium plan

  • UNLIMITED access to all current and future content

  • UNLIMITED access to dedicated support & guidance in the private members group



How long do I have access to the programme?

>> Access is unlimited. Learning Data Science is a journey not a destination!


Is the course self-paced?

>> Yes, content is pre-recorded - meaning that you can move at your own pace and revisit concepts again if you need!


Do I get access to any new content that is added?

>> Yes!  Signing up means getting access to the currently available content and any content that is added in the future!  You will evolve with the programme!

Is there a certificate upon completion?

>> I don't offer a certificate for completion.  The reason?  This programme is all about a learning journey rather than any sort of destination.  New content will be added over time as well, so you don't complete it per se, you just keep learning and evolving!

Are there any pre-requisite skills I need?

>> DATA SCIENCE INFINITY has been created in a way that is accessible to anyone.  We always start right from the beginning and then move onwards towards the more complex concepts.  Everything is taught with a focus on intuition and understanding - and with the Premium Plan you will also have my dedicated support if you ever want to discuss concepts in more detail!

I have students who had zero technical experience prior to joining, and I have students who have a lot of experience in the field already.  Both groups have found great value in this programme.

What if I'm unhappy with the programme?

>> I want you to be happy! If you are not satisfied within 30 days, you can request a full refund

let's do this!

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If you have any questions or thoughts, I will be more than happy to discuss - just let me know below and I'll be back in touch as soon as possible...

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