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 Pivot your career 

 into Data Science & A.I  

 in under 6 months 

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Lifetime access to an industry-leading curriculum based on conversations with hundreds of hiring managers.  Learn all the skills & tools in one place.
Maintain momentum & ensure results with lifetime access to dedicated 1:1 guidance, support, and mentorship in the private DSI learners community
Get ahead of the competition with an industry-leading Resume & Portfolio + get expert guidance & inside-knowledge on acing the hiring process
Join all the others and get the results you want.  DSI is fully focused on your success - it's the entire business model. Become our next success story!
Data Science Infinity students receive offers from top global companies
"I had over 40 interviews without an offer.
After DSI, I quickly got 7 offers including one at KPMG, and my amazing new role at Deloitte!"

- Ritesh (DSI Student)

I landed my role at Amazon totally thanks to Andrew & Data Science Infinity.
This was the best academic choice of my life, giving better results than two degrees"

- Andrea (DSI Student)

"The DSI content is truly the best.
It genuinely surpasses what I learned in my Master's of Data Science program"

- Jeff (DSI Student)

Why does DSI  work so well 

Data Science Infinity is a full online Data Science programme, built to be the absolute best option for those looking to move into this exciting field as a Data Scientist or Data Anaylst.  Better than other courses, platforms, and qualifications.

The curriculum of 300+ tutorials, downloadable resources, and tests is based upon hundreds of conversations with leaders, hiring managers & recruiters in the field - meaning you focus your time learning the most in demand skills.

You learn in the right way, with a focus on intuition, understanding, and project based application - building out an industry-leading github-based portfolio site with 10 amazing and relevant projects that will get you noticed, and showcase the immense value you bring, come interview time. 

You also gain access to the private members group, and get unlimited & dedicated guidance, support, and mentorship throughout your entire Data Science journey.

Data Science Infinity is 100% focused on your results, it’s the entire business model. Take a look through the feedback from some of the hundreds & hundreds of current students here on the site. If they can do it then you can too!

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Start your Career Pivot

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Learn The Right Skills

 Learn the skills 

 said they need and want 

 200+ hiring managers have 

Focus your learning, with everything you need in one place 

The Data Science Infinity curriculum is based upon ongoing conversations with hundreds of hiring managers & recruiters in the field meaning you're learning the skills that will get you hired, quickly & easily. 

There is so much fascinating & powerful learning ahead of you, with 300+ meticulously created tutorials, quizzes & resources.

The curriculum evolves & grows over time, meaning you the Data Scientist, do too.

We place a huge emphasis on teaching based upon intuition, understanding, and hands-on, project-based application.  Anyone and everyone can take on this journey and move toward incredible results in this exciting field!

Start your Career Pivot

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Unlimited Support

 Unlimited & dedicated 

 for your entire learning journey 

 guidance, support, & mentorship 

Accelerate toward success with unlimited guidance & support

Data Science Infinity students gain access to a private community of equally invested peers, and gain direct access to unlimited & dedicated guidance, support, and mentorship - not only regarding the program, but to any part of your Data Science journey.

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 private member's group 

 The Data Science Infinity 

What does this mean in reality?

If you don't understand a concept -
the support is there.

If you're not sure how to approach a problem or task you're working on - the support is there.

If you want help enhancing your Resume & Portfolio to get ahead of the competition - the support is there.

If you want help preparing for an upcoming interview - the support is there.

Few (if any) Data Science & Analytics courses can offer direct & dedicated guidance from an instructor with 15+ years experience at top companies, and who has interviewed and screened hundreds & hundreds of candidates.

This support is a huge part of why DSI students quickly & consistently achieve incredible results.

Start your Career Pivot

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 Get ahead of the competition 

 Portfolio & Resume* 

 with an industry leading 

 *with unlimited reviews & revisions 

Build 10+ incredible projects that will land you the role!

One of the biggest myths in the field, is that portfolio projects need to be overtly complicated, or use vast quantities of data.

They don't.  It is much more important for them to (a) showcase real-world applications that commonly add value, and (b) be clear and impactful.  Why?  Because this makes the life of the hiring manager, or recruiter easy.  In other words, it makes it easy for them to quickly assess your skills, your problem-solving systems, and your communication style. 

In Data Science Infinity, you create a professionally designed, github-based portfolio site and you add 10 projects to it as you undertake those sections of the course (each project comes with a pre-build templates to save you time)

This is an extremely powerful asset when it comes to applying for, and interviewing for roles - DSI students are consistently getting amazing results with it!

DSI  Portfolio  Overview